Airhead AHW4016 Apocalypse Wakeboard w/Grind – Wakeboards

Airhead AHW4016 Apocalypse Wakeboard w/Grind

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Manufacturer: Airhead
Manufacturer Number: AHW4016
Category: Electronic : Miscellaneous Group: Water Sports: Wakeboards

Airhead AHW4016 Apocalypse Wakeboard w/Grind Description:

– Airhead Apocalypse Wakeboard w/ Grind Brand New Includes 1 Year Warranty, The Airhead AHW-4016 is mainly designed to provide the full and the highest water sport experience to you
– Stay on edge, get more speed into the wake and stomp landings without slipping out
– The Apocalypse wakeboard has 6 fin dual thruster setup provides the ultimate in hold and tracking
– The removable center fins provide tracking
– The continuous rocker is fast and forgiving with smooth pop
– The side fins are curved and angle outwards at 11 degrees to provide extra edge hold and a loose feel in neutral
– GRIND is a versatile option for riding abilities and it offers a one cinch adjustability of the front-entry lace-up design
– A simple pull on the laces and you’re ready to go
– GRIND is very comfortable and user friendly, offering the fit and support to allow riders to progress quickly
Return Policy: If your product is defective in any way or you simply are not satisfied with your purchase, a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on brand new items is available.

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