Diet & Fitness: CytoGainer Lean Muscle Maximizer Protein Powder, 6 lb by CytoSport

 CytoGainer Lean Muscle Maximizer Protein Powder, 6 lb by CytoSport

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Manufacturer: CytoSport
Category: Diet & Fitness

CytoGainer Lean Muscle Maximizer Protein Powder, 6 lb Description:

– If You’ve Ever Had Trouble Really Growing, Or Had Trouble Maintaining Your Hard-Earned Size, This Product Was Designed Specifically For You.
– If You’re Like Most Of Us, You Get Plenty Of Fat And Sugar In Your Diet, And You Certainly Don’t Have To Supplement To Get More Of Either.
– Cytogainer Gives You Large Portions Of Protein And Carbohydrates, Without The Fat And Sugar.
– Forget About The Uncomfortable, Bloated Feeling From Cheap, High Lactose, Low Quality Whey Proteins; Cytogainer Contains The Highest Quality Whey And Whey Peptides, And Is 98% Lactose Free.
– Matches Highest Fed.
– 100% Whey Protein Sources 97% Fat Free 3 G Creatine 2 G Glutamine 0 G Trans Fatty Acids With Added Vitamins And Minerals Each Serving Of Cytogainer Provides 54 Grams Of Plateau Bursting, Shirt Popping Protein Which Has: Protein Efficiency Ratio – 3.6 Biological Value – 104 (Very High) Pdcaas 1.0 (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score).
– You Can Use All You Get Protein Digestibility – 95%.
– Gov’t Standard Net Protein Utilization – 94%.
– It Doesn’t Just Get In Your Mouth, It Gets Into Your Muscles Cytogainer Contains Glutamine-Rich Partially Pre-Digested Whey Peptides For Improved Protein Synthesis.
– Each Serving Also Contains Whey Fractions Shown To Help Increase Igf~1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor).
– Your Body’s Response To These Whey Fractions, Along With The Branched-Chain Aminos Found In Cytogainer, Are Primarily Responsible For Muscle Growth.

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