Garmin 010-C0783-00 Navigational Software – Software

Garmin 010-C0783-00 Navigational Software

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Manufacturer: Garmin
Manufacturer Number: 010-C0783-00
Category: Electronics: GPS Group: Software

Garmin 010-C0783-00 Navigational Software Description:

– Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision – VEU047R, Gulf of Bothnia – Kalix To Grisslehamn Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 010-C0783-00 (SD Card) The Garmin Bluechart g2 Vision VEU047R navigation software contains information of the Gulf of Bothnia from Gavle Sweden through Pori Finland including Oulu and Vaasa Fin
– It also includes detailed coverage for the islands of Hailuoto, Vallgrund and Aland
– It also includes the detailed coverage of Lulea Skargard and lakes Tjeggelvas, Hornavan, Aisjaur, Fluka, Uddjaur, Storavan and Storsjon well as coverage of the lower Dalalven from Gysinge to Soderfors
– With BlueChart g2 card, you’ll have access to detailed mapping capabilities which include standardized depth contours, smooth data transition between zoom levels, harmonious transition across chart borders, and reduction of chart discontinuities
– It gives high resolution realistic satellite images of the land and water with the aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigational landmarks and other POIs
– The Bluechart g2 Vision VEU047R includes all of the features of BlueChart g2 product with addition 3-D perspective above and below the waterline and Auto Guidance technology searches chart data to suggest the best passage to a destination
– Bluechart g2 Vision VEU047R Features: Gulf of Bothnia Kalix to Grisslehamn Digital Map, Covers Gavle Through Pori, High Resolution Satellite Images, Shaded Depth Contours, Aerial Photography – Real World Photos of Ports / Harbors / Marinas / Waterways / Navigation Landmarks /Points of Interest, Smooth Data Transition Between Zoom Levels, Auto Guidance Technology – Searches Chart Data to Suggest the Best Passage to a Destination, 2-D Direct Overhead View, Mariner’s Eye View, Fish Eye View – 3-D View Above & Below Waterline, Safety Shading, Intertidal Zones, Spot Soundings, Fishing Charts, Harmonious Chart Borders Transition, Reduced Chart Discontinuities, Port Plans, Tides, Wrecks, Restricted Areas & Anchorages
Return Policy: If your product is defective in any way or you simply are not satisfied with your purchase, a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on brand new items is available.

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