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Medifast: The Perfect Weight Loss Plan for Men

Medifast for men totally guarantees every active man a promising and dramatic weight loss. Time and time again, the Medifast meal replacement programs for men undoubtedly proved effectiveness through many clinical studies showing an average of 67 percent weight loss among male subjects. Medifast diet plans for men are distinctively designed especially for those who undergo strenuous physical activities everyday.

The Medifast 70 Plan

Relatively, the Medifast 70 Diet Plan for men is a highly customized program since this scheme targets men with physically active lifestyles. Unlike the ideal low calorie meal replacement program, Medifast 70 involves a higher protein intake and a higher caloric consumption. A high calorie intake significantly accelerates the need to lose weight.

However, for men who are not necessarily engaged with heavy physical work everyday, the 5 & 1 meal replacement plan would be the most ideal.

The 5 & 1 Meal Replacement Diet Plan

The 5 & 1 meal replacement diet plan is the most recommended Medifast for men especially for beginners. Dieters are taught to maintain the 5 & 1 diet plan for at least two weeks before switching into a new plan. The main concept of this scheme specifies 5 types of food replacements and one low calorie, low carbohydrate plus one set of selected green vegetables. This regimen should be maintained for a span of time in order to observe weight loss.
Nevertheless, Medifast for men, though comprised of different plans, are highly flexible in terms of usage. For instance, you can freely switch back and forth from the 5 & 1 meal replacement plan to the Complete Plan after a recommended period.

Medifast’s Complete Plan

By concept, the Complete Plan and the 5 & 1 meal replacement diet plan are somewhat of prototype. But the Complete Plan includes no evening meals. It is also composed of 5 or 6 food types for meal replacement. But if you prefer to stay on a lower fat diet, you can simply stick with the 5 & 1 meal replacement diet plan.

Important Reminders

When you are engaged in the 5 & 1 meal replacement diet plan, it is essentially important to drink at least 9 – 10 glasses of water daily to jumpstart and further accelerate weight loss. You can also customize your diet plan by taking in recommended Medifast add-ons and other Medifast meal replacement products.

Also, when you are into the Medifast Complete Plan, it is important to have the meal replacements with time intervals. The ideal spacing should be 2-3 hours every after replacement.


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