OSS, Kraton Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath by cold steel Now Only: $99.99

Price – $99.99

Product: OSS, Kraton Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath
Manufacturer Number: 39lssc
Category: Sports & Outdoors : Knives & Accessories : Sheaths, Cases, & Displays
Seller: cold steel

Product Description:

– The OSS sub-hilt fighter offers all the advantages and performance of a custom knife at a fraction of the price
– This manufacturing method makes the OSS more affordable while delivering the durability, security, and control in the hand that the sub-hilt fighter is famous for
– For the ultimate grip the handle, guard, and sub-hilt are injection molded in one integral piece of Kraton
– Kraton – Steel: 4116 Krupp Stainless – Overall Length: 13 3/8 inch – Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath
– Specifications: – Weight: 9 oz – Blade Thickness: 3/16 inch – Blade Length: 8 1/4 inch – Handle: 5 1/8 inch long

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