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Sorta Sweet Tea 18.5 oz Plastic Bottles by Snapple

Snapple  Sorta Sweet Tea 18.5 oz Plastic Bottles - Pack of 12

Price – $18

Manufacturer: Snapple
Category: Food & Beverages: Beverages

Product Description:

-Sorta Sweet Tea made by Snapple and mixed to perfection has such a unique taste and such a sweet pop; this aint the Iced Tea from your daughters lemonade stand
-Snapple Sorta Sweet Tea is made from the best stuff on earth and kept in a signature glass bottle for the greatest refreshment possible
-Enjoy these Snapple 18.5 oz bottles with a pack of 12
-It’s sorta sweet and definitely delicious.
-The delicious all-natural taste of fresh-brewed black tea with a touch of real sugar
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