Tucker Rocky: Kuryakyn – Large Royal Riding Heated Cool Tush Seat Pad 14 inches W X 11 inches L X Tappers To 8 inches W – 5247 by Kuryakyn

Kuryakyn Large Royal Riding Heated Cool Tush Seat Pad 14 inches W X 11 inches L X Tappers To 8 inches W - 5247

Price –$126.98

Manufacturer: Kuryakyn
Manufacturer Number: 116604
Category: Tucker Rocky > Kuryakyn

Product Description:

All of the same great features of the Royal Riding gel,memory foam pads but now with the added benefit of a ventilated top for maximum air flow. Nonheated version features memory foam,gel help to cushion the rider while the ventilated top keeps the rider cool by allowing air to move,reduces the heat buildup between the rider,the seat. No more monkey butt Fueled by Heat Demon,the heated versions feature the same memory foam,gel and ventilated top to help cushion the rider with the bonus of heat for those cool rides. The heating element is integrated into the memory foam and gel product which is connected to a controller. The pad then connects to the motorcycle battery in order to maintain heat for the duration of the ride.Available in both heated and nonheated versions.Lined for Ultimate Protection,Maximum AirflowWaterproof ZipperPremium NonSlip Grip Bottom with Self Tightening,Adjustable Straps for Convenience,SafetyNever Before Seen Combination of Ventilated Air Flow Control with Memory Foam,GelFeatures and Benefits:Made with advanced viscoelastic molded gel used in medical and sports applicationsRoyal Riding Gel is,thick molded gel and will not bottom outAlso include a layer of memory foam: the memory foam offers the highest level of comfort availablepriceless for long distance rides,it softly conforms to your shape and eliminates localized pressure.Eliminates pressure points or Hot Spots which can cause discomfortAbsorbs vibration,small bumps and road irregularities.,Eliminates that numb feeling Monkey buttLifetime Warranty on Gelwill not freeze,melt,harden,crack or leakUnique grippy bottom on all gel pads rubberized surface prevents it from sliding
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