Women and Medifast – What To Know

Medifast: Not a Fad

Medifast for women is a dynamic diet plan especially designed for the numerous women who want to lose weight beautifully and healthily. This is undoubtedly of prowess as it helps women not just in shedding off the extra pounds but also aids in the improvement of health overall. Medifast for women is not just a mere diet fad that it enables women to retain the weight they would ideally consider and finally say no to yo- yo!

Medifast for women includes a variety of diet plans which are modestly easy to follow, convenient and safe. The basic concept of the 5 & 1 meal replacement is applied to the different plans with specific modifications.

The Medifast 4- Week Package for Women

For beginners, the Medifast 4- week package is the optimal option. Aside from its popularity, the Medifast 4- week package can cost you less. The packages come in Variety, Enhanced and Momentum wherein specific diet plans are designed for every woman’s needs. The 4- week package includes all 5 & 1 meal replacements to be consumed in 28 days.

The Medifast 4- week Meal Replacements

This diet plan is mainly comprised of 42 food bars, 49 different shakes, 14 oatmeal packets with different flavors, 14 soups, 7 puddings, 7 scrambled eggs and 7 cappuccino drinks. For heightened weight loss results, this plan should not be altered or substituted with other products.

The Medifast Enhanced 4- week Package and Super Omega- 3 Package

Women always want to lose weight at the fastest most possible way. With Medifast’s Enhanced 4- week package plus the Super Omega- 3 package, expect a drastic weight loss and an improved overall health. Augmented with the power of Super Omega- 3, losing weight is never a hazard to cardiovascular activities. The Super Omega- 3 acts as a mediator for those who are suffering from high cholesterol and triglycerides. For an intensified healthy weight loss, Medifast recommends this diet plan with a maintenance scheme especially for obese women.


The Enhanced Package contains the basic 4- week package inclusion plus one bottle of Super Omega- 3 soft gel capsules. However, the usage of the Super Omega- 3 can be restricted depending on certain medical conditions. Women who are presently pregnant and taking up medications are strictly advised to consult their doctors before engaging in this diet plan. Likewise for those who are prone to allergic reactions due to specific medications, there should also be a prior consultation.

Motivations from Medifast Success Stories

For those who are determinedly stuck in a serious weight loss dilemma, then it’s about time to get a straightened out motivation from Medifast success stories. Still, more men and women are hesitant about the wonders of the Medifast meal replacement diet plans due to many contributing factors. Primarily, these people do not have enough drive to activate their enthusiasm to lose weight.

Secondly, reluctance comes their way because of past failures. Many dieters surely experienced a tremendous trauma over a diet plan which did not at all take effect. And more so, it is also possible that the past diet plans they have engaged into caused them poorer health conditions and complications at that.

The Medifast Resolution

Medifast meal replacement diet plans sincerely promise a zealous event of weight loss and weight maintenance. The distressing failures during the course of losing weight through a past certain diet program can now be overshadowed by Medifast diet plans.

Aside from personal testimonials and proven results from “before- after” photos, Medifast success stories are also accounted on health sites and blogs, article websites and even updates in health magazines. With such motivational materials, more and more people, especially women are now combusting their momemtum to get a Medifast meal replacement diet plan.

Medifast Success Stories Really Help

Common success stories on Medifast diet plans such as the drastic weight loss and overall health rejuvenation really do help. They can be used to boost the optimism for losing weight. The stunning response from readers of blogs and other articles is encouraging more and more people to trust the Medifast diet plans. There are no specific strategies when one wants to lose weight with Medifast. Focus and sticking to the plans are the ultimate ingredients in order to form a success story!

Self- Discipline is the Key

If you have been coming back with the same annoying weight, Medifast diet plans can help you cope up with the weight loss rut! Aside from their detailed diet plans, which are easy to follow, Medifast diet plans also teach dieters on how to maintain or retain their weight. One yo- yo dieter had finally ended the quest for better health with Medifast weight loss programs. She lost a whopping 100 pounds in a year! The success sprung from the effectiveness of Medifast meal replacement plans and self-discipline as well. She simply focused, concentrated and steadily stuck herself into implementing the Medifast diet plans.


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